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Skiing area Rittisberg & Ramsau

the perfect choice for families!

At the Rittisberg - in front of the doorstep - all the signs are pointing to the fun on the slopes and the snow adventure. For the youngest a world of experiences is waiting up there.

You do not want to deprive your children of the fascination of skiing?
Or would you like to increase your skills to a new level?
Then you are quite right at the SKISCHULE RAMSAU - at the foot of the Rittisberg!

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Kali der Ramsaurier - the cuddly mascot of the winter sports resort of Ramsau on the Dachstein accompanies the little skiers on their way from the first turns in the snow to safe skiing.  

The children are immersed in the world of skiing on 8 generous adventure tracks. Usually the sympathetic mascot can be found as a figure along the slopes

The puzzle "Knack den Kali Code" sends the little ones an exciting discovery trip through the family skiing area in Styria. If you find all the hidden letters, great prices are waiting for you.

Enough exercise? Then the longest fairytale descends from the Rittisberg into the valley. At the start of the slope there is a bird-voliere and next to the departure numerous stations are awaiting you where you can listen to fairytales at the touch of a button. The family skiing area of Rittisberg in Styria conjures a smile in the face not only of children, but also of parents!